Private dog training


Your dog is special. Jump start your dog training with Private Dog Training classes! K9Dojo ensures that your dog obedience training sessions are geared specifically for your dog’s needs with a customized personal dog program that fits your schedule.

This service is great for those who need in-home or one-on-one attention for their canine companions. It can even be a replacement for dog walking services, ensuring that your dog receives more than just exercise during the day but also a daily reinforcement of the training they’ve experienced during either a group dog training class or during prior private dog training sessions.

Our private training series allow us to create a unique plan beyond our standard course series options in order to help you and your dog achieve a level of success that is more unique to your personal goals and the tasks your dog needs to be able to do with you.

Some of the advantages of private dog training include:

At home convenience
One-on-one focus: a private dog trainer is able to focus specifically on your dog rather than having his or her attention split between multiple canines
Ability to proceed from one set of learnings to the next at your own dog’s pace
Dog obedience training sessions at your convenience rather than based on a set group schedule
Customized training opportunity – your dog can learn specific skills, such as tracking, allergy detection or teaching security company personnel to be effective k-9 handlers, in combination with the more intermediate or advanced dog training skill sets
Possible first step in addressing an aggression or dog rescue’s problem behavior before introducing them to other dogs in a non-controlled environment

Your dog is unique. Let us help you give him or her individualized attention you want them to have with our private dog obedience training sessions. For a personal canine assessment or to determine the best dog training option for you and your dog, please contact K9Dojo today.