How to Say Goodbye to Your Loved Ones in Style

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Go out extravagantly!

This is the new chant of the wealthy people. It is not enough to live life king size. It has also become utmost important to go out with a bang. The buzz is that the rich are accustomed to the finest offerings of the world. Thus, it should not be surprising that uber-wealthy wants those finer details in their death as well. There are some experienced agencies like custom funeral hearse to make the funeral of your loved one’s vogue.

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What Is The Trend?

For the uber rich, the funerals are the final chance to flaunt their wealth. Previously, the funerals were the short and simple affair. Now, however, they are becoming so extravagant that they can easily compete to weddings.  Some people even fly to exotic places for destination funerals. If you want to say goodbye to your loved ones in such an exotic manner, then don’t forget to get in touch with custom funeral hearse when the time comes.

The Types of Extravagant Funerals

This type of funerals helps people to manage the grief better. Planning about the funerals give them the chance to decide how they want to say adieu to life. There are many different ways the people are saying goodbye. Some of them are as follows.

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Gospel Choirs

Some people are planning gospel choirs for their own funeral. Some prefer to take one last flight in their private jets lying amidst the ocean of their favorite flower. Some are even taking the body of their loved ones for a Viking like funeral. Like the Vikings, they are placing the body in a boat and pushed it to the sea and setting the boat on fire. If you like to arrange a funeral in this manner, contact the custom funeral hearse.

Riding a Rolls Royce

As the rich are accustomed to riding in big and expensive cars, it is not at all surprising for them to hire a fleet of Rolls Royce for their funeral as well. The funeral homes are informing that the demand of such extravagant cars is increasing significantly. These are replacing the age-old hearse which is pulled by the horses. You can also arrange the big cars at the funeral of your loved ones. Just contact the custom funeral hearse and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.


Buried at a Special Place

You might find this a bit surprising, but the ultra-rich are searching for a rare and uncommon place for their loved one’s burial. For example, the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in New York is the hot new place for burial. The place can only contain 9 caskets and 10 cremated remains. This unavailability of the place and the aura of the place have created a demand among the wealthy people. The authorities have confirmed that already three uber rich families have expressed interest for a place there.

The ways through you can make the funeral of your loved ones special are innumerable. Here also, you can create a budget according to your pocket and contact the custom funeral hearse to plan a funeral.  The themes can be ranged from blazingly extravagant to somewhat extravagant. However, each of the funerals will be beautiful.

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