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Ways in which executives get to travel with ease and comfort

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These days there is high demand for armoured vehicle and such vehicles – ones that are capable of offering a combination of comfort and luxury. The thing with this combination is that it happens to be a highly elusive one. VIPs normally spend a lot of time of their regular working days on the road, and this is the reason why they need both these features in their cars. However, as has been said already, this is always easier said than done because such a combination can be rather hard to find. Of late, the armoured luxury cars have improved a lot in terms of manufacturing and design.

Audi A8 – a meeting point of elegance and sophistication

These days Audi A8 is also being used as an armoured vehicle. It can be designed in such a way that it would be able to withstand the harshest of assaults such as high powered machine guns and other explosive attacks. These cars are now preinstalled along with intercom systems. This particular system would come in handy when there is a need to get in touch with people on the outside without compromising the safety of the individuals who are riding the car. They have other facilities such as escape doors as well.

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Ford Taurus – power meets style

When you get a Ford Taurus armoured vehicle, you would be able to get the perfect combination of style and power. In fact, this particular model happens to be one of the latest additions to this particular industry as such. It has the latest armor panels that can withstand as much as 30 calibre ammunition. This is a monster and any bullet fired at it would only break apart when it hits the car. This would stop any penetration from happening and also make sure that no shrapnel gets past this particular point.

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Mercedes Maybach – a sleek powerhouse

In case you are looking for a stylish and powerful armoured vehicle you have got to look at Maybach. This model belongs to Mercedes, and as such, it can be called the perfect embodiment of class, and there are plenty of good reasons for saying so. The car is highly long, and this is the reason why the interiors have so much of space. In fact, it looks a lot like the business class of a flight. The rear seats in the car have space for only a couple of passengers.

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Rolls Royce Phantom – the ideal fusion of safety and class

If you are looking for the perfect synthesis of class and safety in an armoured vehicle, you are looking at Phantom from Rolls Royce. In fact, it is really hard to distinguish the armored version of its vehicle from the regular one. Its outer shell has been made from special steel and composite fibre, and it is because of these materials that it is well-nigh impossible to penetrate this car as such. If you sprayed bullets on it with an AK 47 from a distance of 10 feet, it would not affect the car. To find more click here!